Thought you all may like my tank. Did some trimming of dead leaves and added a better light. Have a good night!

Every year, the global PC Gamer team gets together to decide the top 100 PC games. The process is simple: we take last year's list, propose a bunch of additions, tweaks and removals, and then hold ... If you have any information about the parish that you would like to share, please email the parish office at info@ or call the parish office at 518-477-7925. The parish ... "from the family album: from right to left: the child is my grandmother Ninitta, then there is her mother and my great grandmother Anna, her sister Concetta, finally their mother and my great-great-grandmother Nina, respectively daughter, wife, sister-in-law, mother-in-law of the photographer Gaetano D'Agata, whom in a photograph of him (location Mazzarò-Taormina)" If you're trimming back a lot of scale infested leaves, wet the plant down first with a water hose. The dust from scale is nasty to breathe so wearing a mask is a good idea and probably goggles as well. I've heard little about scale from the folks out west, if you don't have it, you're lucky. All that said, well maintained sagos look great. At the end of every day, in 60 Seconds! during Survival Mode, it is possible that an event may occur. An event requires the player's input, as opposed to day-ending text with no options for input, which are essentially flavor text, completely benign to gameplay. Events grant or take away items, and change the status of the family members in the shelter. Events occur at random, although some ... At last, however, he began to think—as you or I would have thought at first; for it is always the person not in the predicament who knows what ought to have been done in it, and would unquestionably have done it too—at last, I say, he began to think that the source and secret of this ghostly light might be in the adjoining room, from whence ... ABC News is your trusted source on political news stories and videos. Get the latest coverage and analysis on everything from the Trump presidency, Senate, House and Supreme Court. If you have thoughts you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. I can be contacted by phone at 858-8672 or via email at Backyard Bird Count - January 2021 The Conservation Advisory Board would like to invite you to participate in 24th Annual Cornell's Great Backyard Bird Count. Piper and All meet under unusual circumstances. Non-Erotic 08/25/21: Sammy Meets the NZ Guy (4.85) Sammy, Andy's sister from New Neighbors, meets a guy. Erotic Couplings 02/03/18: Serena's Inheritance (4.75) How can an old house mean so much? But it did. Romance 06/12/20: Some Changes in Amy (4.78) New neighbors cause some unexpected changes in ... While you are doing this, bring your skillet with the oil up to temperature. When done coating the beef with flour, start to brown it in the pot/skillet. Take your time you want it nice and browned on all sides. If you have more beef than you can do in one run, just make sure to add more oil and let it heat up.

2022.01.17 21:55 aqua9clk Thought you all may like my tank. Did some trimming of dead leaves and added a better light. Have a good night!

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2022.01.17 21:55 MoiMissingOne Hello everyone.

My wife is currently obsessed with fall guys and would love a friend. She plays on my ps4 If anyone would like to play with her. She is 21 so maybe someone around her age.
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2022.01.17 21:55 JuliaBreezyOfficial If one person could take the time to read this or just be an open ear for me to vent to... My birthdays in a few days & things are hitting me hard 😭

My birthday is in a few days & I haven't been able to celebrate my birthday, gotten a gift, been able to celebrate the holidays, get any holiday gifts or be with family for the last 3 years now so it would mean the world to me if someone could send me a gift for my birthday or just spend time with me or something, I just would love someone to talk to on my birthday & not be alone this year again..hoping there's a kind stranger out there...going through the holidays again alone with no family was horrible & just don't want to be alone again for my birthday 😭 🙏🏽 🌎 .. I have CashApp $juliahonaker, Venmo: @Julia-Honaker, Zelle if you want to message & ask for my number! And yes this is a true story. My parents cause of death & obituaries are public record so I am prepared for people to say mean things, people just want to make others feel worse than they do so I understand if anyone says anything rude, I forgive you & hope you find happiness one day ✌🏼
I'm adopted to start off with so Ive always pretended I didn't have issues with it when really I always never felt good enough but I thought if I didn't recognize those feelings, they weren't there. It was a closed adoption, now that I'm 18 I can go find them but the last I heard they were young & weren't prepared for a kid & with everything that has happened recently in my life I think finding them a little later in life when my life has calmed down a little would be better. So I got adopted into an amazing family who hands down are literally the most amazing, kind, selfless people to ever walk this earth. But one small problem to our adorable little family. My parents were very sick. Even my grandparents & the adoption agency told them they probably shouldn't adopt but they still thought adopting would save me from a worse life, probably in foster care & they had all the love in the world to give me, so why not?? Right? Well, this is what actually happened.. my parents were already in their late thirites when they adopted me, my Mom couldn't convince b/c she had one of the worst cases of Crones in the county & in a few years would develop severe heart disease & a bunch of other health issues. My Dad on the other hand was diagnosed with kidney failure which is when he had his first unsuccessful kidney transplant which later ment my Dad working long hours then being at dialysis all night so I barely saw him. I was always a Daddy's girl so this naturally broke my heart. My Mom almost died from open heart surgery twice when I was just a kid. My Mom worked long hours & most of the time I had no one to pick me up from school so I was always the kid that had no one to pick me up from after care after school because my Mom was still working. She would come home & immediately fall asleep because she was severely anemic & couldn't absorb nutrients so she only weighed around 90lbs at all times. So hard to look at now that I'm older and understand what sickness looks like. I ended up mostly having to raise myself, I was an only child as well so I didn't even have anyone else to tell me this wasn't normal. I never was able to ride a bike with my parents b/c my Mom's pace maker & she always had to watch her heart rate & my Dad was always drained from dialysis. Never got to go swimming as a kid b/c my parents couldn't get wet. My parents were always drained & I was an only child so I never went anywhere or did anything fun. If my parents weren't working or in the hospital I was at home making them lunch while they were in bed resting. Never the less my parents were my best fucking friends. We never fought, they always accepted me, I was the reason they kept fighting through all their health issues & the reason they woke up every morning to go to work so they could provide a roof over my head. I'm crying right now writing this thinking how selfless my parents were, I wish I told them more how grateful I was but as a kid I thought this was normal. I was adopted into a really Jewish family & my parents pretty much knew if they adopted me, they would be essentially shunned from my family since my "blood wasn't technically Jewish" so I never had a family outside my Grandparents. My Grandparents we're some of the most amazing people as well too, like I seriously got so lucky especially being adopted you never know what situation your gonna get adopted into. So in 2012 I woke up one day & my Mom was at work & I don't have siblings so I'm home alone & me n Dad were supposed to go golfing. I couldn't find him anywhere but his car was still in the garage, so I called my Mom & she told me to check the house again, that's when I walked to the other side of the bed & found basically my Dad's body facedown on the ground, with blood & brain matter all over the walls & ground & bed. What I didn't know but found out later is his head basically exploded from a really bad aneurysm relating to not getting checked b/c ppl with kidney disease are more susceptible to aneurysm, so even tho I always think what if I woke up sooner or didn't sleep in till 9 I could have been there for him or done something but in reality it would have been more traumatic for me to witness all of that happen when I was still a kid, so I've come to terms with that as best as I can. Then a few months later my Grandpa died. That one I was just numb for so I handled that the best I could, Grandparents you at least know it's coming at some point but with my Dad it's something a child should never have to prepare for. Moving on to a few years ago. My Mom was literally my BEST FRIEND, we got really really close & I became her caretaker when she retired after my Dad & Grandpa passed. She really needed to be in a home with a full time caretaker b/c at that point she had a bad fall & was in a walker with a broken hip they tried to do surgery on but from her OI & the fact she was too weak to go under they couldn't fix her hip so she basically just had to live like that until she passed which was HEARTBREAKING to have to witness on a daily basis, she would fall trying to get to the bathroom in a hurry from her crones but always tried to act independent & would get really mad if anyone tried to help her because I'm still a kid so she knows I shouldn't have to witness this or worry but she's my only parent, how could I feel okay going out and living my life not worrying about her!!! So I never wanted to leave or go out with my friends when all my other friends were experiencing things every kid should experience b/c I couldn't let her be alone, I came home to her on the floor one time, she fell and was like that for hours, still too caught up in her own pride to call me b/c she didn't want to bother me & wanted me to enjoy going out for once. That literally broke my heart 😭 that's my bestfriend right there before she's my mother so it hurt twice as much watching her go through all this. So come to a few years ago & she ended up suddenly becoming unconscious one day so I called the paramedics & I was still a kid so I don't understand everything that happened but she essentially was about to die from heart failure & her doctor literally said to me she's fought all these years b/c of me, she honestly should have passed a long time ago, so when he put it like that I understood that she had fought this fight long enough & she deserves to be out of pain after being in pain literally her whole life. She was on hospice for a week before she passed & I wouldn't leave her side, her own family only came in one day for 30 minutes & left. I was only 17 with no other family or siblings. You would think an adult or even tho my family was kinda estranged, someone would take me under their wing or something. I even had to wait an extra 3 hours, with my Mom's dead body at 3 am after she died b/c my "family' was "grieving too much" to be there so I had to wait for the Coroner to come collect my Mom's dead body which I had to sign for. Fucking bullshit. So then I get home around 5, finally tried to lay down after literally being awake at my Mom's bedside all week, then around 8 I get woken up by a text from my estranged aunt that says " Just so you know Grandma passed away this morning, we just got the call from the nursing home " and then they blocked me since the only family that they talked to was now dead ( My Mom & Grandma ) so I had to see them at the funerals a few days later & they refused to even talk to me. Fucked up. All because I'm adopted, was going to college for music & turned out bisexual. Towards the end that's why my Mom wasnt talking to her siblings or family anymore b/c they never accepted me from when I was adopted but then when they found out I was going to school for music not becoming a doctor or lawyer like the rest of my family & when they got the wind I was bisexual they said some really mean things & my Mom that's when my Mom put down her foot. But here I am still a child, with the only family I had in my life both pass away essentially on the same day, well not technically the same day since my Mom passed right before midnight but they died literally within 6 hours of each other, which am I the only one that find this creepy or ironic?!?! My Mom & Grandma were super close so I understand. My Mom was my Grandma's favorite & I was both their favorite 😉 just something that made me always chuckle especially since we always looked alike although I was adopted, my Grandparents we're the only ones that saw me as not being adopted which always touched my heart 💓 anyway, I was working a side job so I had a little money stuffed away, only a few hundred dollars because we all trust that our parents know what's best for us & always have everything figured out. But that's when fucking reality hit.... My Dad made his part of the Will but my Mom was still in the process of finishing the Will. So come to find out I at 17, had nothing to my name. Nothing. I'm still fighting for what my parents worked so hard for in court because the will wasn't finished. My Mom's siblings were supposed to take care of me if something ever happened, which is did, but they gave up their rights literally the minute they found out my Mom died. Which this wasn't sorted out before is beyond me especially when my Mom's siblings were lawyers. But because of their own ego they wouldn't talk to my Mom so when my Mom & Grandma both passed suddenly, nothing was sorted out or put in place. So right now I'm currently just fighting to prove who I am. When my Mom passed I went through everything in the house but I couldn't find my birth certificate, social security card, or anything like that & the only ID I had was expired. Then COVID hit & everywhere closed so trying to go to the courthouse to try to get documents or the DMV or Social Security was all closed in person & I didn't have any of the documents I needed over the phone. So right now that things are slowly reopening & now closing again, I'm still just trying to prove who I say I am. At 17 I was in a homeless shelter a few months after my family passed b/c I literally had nothing in place & I realized my Mom got too sick months ago & since she didn't see her estranged family no one knew she was seriously dying. I also just never even thought about any of this being a kid. Like as a kid who the fuck thinks they'll ever be in this situation or have to plan for this? 😢 So thank God one of my friends Mom's took me under her wing, who's known me & my family since I was a kid but just never knew what I was going through & dealing with so now she let's me stay at her place to help me have a roof over my head when she can while we all try to ride out COVID again. But she's a single parent who lives in a one bedroom apartment with herself, 2 daughters & me occasionally when she can since things are so tight right now. Especially since it's Winter where I live we just had our first bad snow storm a few months ago so I'm BEYOND grateful to have her & her daughters ( my friends ) in my life right now helping me to get things sorted out with lawyers & the will & getting all my documents to prove who I am & such. Seriously without them I would be homeless not able to get a job right now because I can't even get an ID let alone a social security card. Some of my estranged family has some documents I really need them to hand over because they know I have no way of proving who I am without them so at this point law enforcement said we'll have to bring them to court to get that documentation or go through the system but doing through the system to prove who I am can take YEARS. It just hurts because I feel like I'm an illegal immigrant in my own country 😭 going through everything I've been through these last few years has opened my eyes & helped me empathize with people I never thought I would have anything in common with, but you never know what life will throw at you. If anyone takes the time to read this & stupid as it sounds or even if you think things will never happen to you like I did, PLAN AHEAD, make sure your kids are taken care of even if your a young parent or think none of this will ever happen to you. Also no matter how hard things are, take a moment to appreciate who you have in your lives wether their blood or not. Also BE THANKFUL FOR YOUR FAMILY & PARENTS NO MATTER THE B.S OR HOW ANNOYING THEY GET. I see so many kids my age treat their parents like shit & it makes me angry 😡 So all in all, this is like the 3rd birthday & Hanukkah/ Christmas ive had to go through without any family or gifts or a home cooked meal 😔 last birthday & Christmas I was in a homeless shelter so to even have a warm apartment right now to be in no matter how cramped we are right now & no matter that we can't even afford to make a cake or anything for my birthday, I'm just grateful for just having a pillow to lay my head down on tonight. If anyone can help make my birthday / late holidays à little better, I'd love to meet some new people to talk to & make some new friends off this post 😊 if any kind people can donate, I know times are insanely hard right now so I don't expect anything at all, but it someone could donate it would seriously be the best gift I've gotten in YEARS 🙏🏽 this post has been the first time I've opened up about my situation online to anyone so please keep the comments kind & I don't judge you & forgive you already for any insensitive or ignorant comments. I've been crying the whole time I've been writing this post so I apologize for any misspelled words or anything that doesn't make sense 😭 I'll do my best to answer any questions, I'm an open book! 📚
tldr; I'm adopted, my family passed away when I was young & haven't been able to celebrate my birthday or holidays with anyone & been in homeless shelters the last few years, If anyone can donate or just be a kind person so I have someone to talk to so I don't feel as alone that would mean the fucking world to me 🌎🙏🏽😭
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2022.01.17 21:55 gamethread-scraper Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals (11-6) at Los Angeles Rams (12-5) (x-post /r/nfl)

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2022.01.17 21:55 crosscope Imagination Challenge Thingy

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2022.01.17 21:55 MagentaWizard Prominent Gaming YouTubers' Likenesses Sold As NFTs Without Consent

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2022.01.17 21:55 Rainb0wM0nky25 ITAP of a bird

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2022.01.17 21:55 tandyman234 Sounds legit

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2022.01.17 21:55 Ibo6257 Want to watch it with my 15 yr old son. Are there any sexual scenes to skip?

Anybody who recently seen it, are there any sexual scenes to skip and if so which episodes?
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2022.01.17 21:55 kab3onlod Straight M here. Looking for straight buds who are into dirty chatting and fantasizing. Dm me

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2022.01.17 21:55 quartzeye254 What changed in 3.16 that now makes long range scanning worse?

I believe scanners just don't work as they did since 3.16 was released. In fact they seem to work less. I am a miner and I use the Mole exclusively. From the pilots seat, the scanners just don't work worth a damn. I have mined many millions of aUEC in my Mole so I am pretty sure I know what I am doing.
That said, long range scanning seems to be unstable and I seem to be able to break it regularly since 3.16. Yes, I know it has been a work in progress but since the last 3.14 release, each subsequent release has made long range scanning worse. Now, when it works, you can kind of get by but the more you scan the sooner they break and stop working.
First problem is ghosts. Those rocks that pop up as a cube that have a signal strength. Sometime in clusters with great signal strength. They pop in as the blue ghosts at >5000m but they are unscannable from 0-5000m. Oh the "Scan Progress" will run up the right side and SCANNING will be flashing red but once it is finished you get nothing. The rocks are unscannable, even using a mining head scanner. Extremely frustrating but in the past, you just QT'd to a new location after you started to get ghosts appearing repeatedly. No explanation of why you would get ghosts, or what causes then to appear. However, once you started to see them, you had to move to a new location in the past to get around it.
However the real killer now is that the scanners just stop scanning altogether. After a few scans I noticed the incidence of ghost scans begin to increase more rapidly until nothing is scannable. You know you are heading into trouble when the scan progress starts to fail completing all together. Once that happens it rapidly gets to the point where nothing scans and nothing is returned irrespective of signal strength or proximity.
Since 3.16, this is a fairly constant thing. Every time I go out in my Mole this happens eventually and today I double checked again. Once the scanners stopped returning anything, I QT'd, as I have done in the past releases. I looked for at least 20 targets with great signal strength and closed to approximately 1200m. In the past, I would be able to start scanning again but now each target, single and multiple rocks would not scan. I repeated this across 10 consecutive QT jumps of about 50km
This happened standing still at approximately 1200m for over 300 consecutive targets across 10 QT jumps covering a straight line in the halo of approximately 1000000KM. With no scanning completing or results returned. The scanners just stopped working. I have repeated this multiple times since 3.16 and have had this occur on at least three occasions.
Prior to 3.16, this didn't happen as often as it does now. So when I say it is broke, I can prove that is broke because I now get this every time I go out in my Mole. I honestly don't know if there was a change in the scanners, scanning, the rock dynamics, the Mole, or what ever. Some combination of changes in 3.16 has clearly affected the scanning for mineable rocks in the Mole adversely and it is at the point of being nearly unplayable.
Oh and I almost forgot. The incidence of unextractable has increased as well. Since 3.16 this has happened multiple times over many logins. When it happens it is after I get a couple of Quant rocks cracked and I start to extract but it shows no SCU coming in. Sitting at 60M, I am well with in optimal range. If I hop out of the chair and back in, I sometimes see a small fraction appear in the cargo and I mean small as in .0# of one of two minerals. No Idea why.
Also, as most know, the scanners when working do not show you all that is in the rock. I know inert isn't suppose to show up but the readout always leaves at least one or more ores off the display. I would be ok with that if the scanners worked at >5000m EVERY time on EVERY rock that pops in.
Again, maybe it's a Mole issue as I see Prospector videos since 3.16 work just fine. Be that as it may, I repeatedly get this issue so I suspect that something has changed in 3.16 that isn't as "working" as it was prior to the update.
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2022.01.17 21:55 Dat_Niqqa Why Starfire is HANDS DOWN! THE MOST Undervalued VeVe Collectible on the App.

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2022.01.17 21:55 Ok_Technology9701 Need nook mile tickets

Could someone gift me nook mile tickets
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2022.01.17 21:55 The1stCitizenOfTheIn Starbucks Execs Have A Bernie Problem

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2022.01.17 21:55 MC_Legend95 it's arch i swear bro ong ong

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2022.01.17 21:55 gavinfrag03 Starting 2022 fresh

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2022.01.17 21:55 ashley_97581 [Academic] Pet food and feeding routine (USA 18+)

Hi everyone,
I am currently working on designing a pet food app and I'm looking for fellow pet owners to interview to gain some insights on how you buy your pet food and your pet's feeding routine!
The interview is not paid but if selected, you'll win a $15 Amazon gift card! It'll probably be around 30 minutes and will be done through Google Meets
If you are interested please fill in this quick form and I'll contact you if you are a great fit! :)
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2022.01.17 21:55 West_Impact_6180 B2B? Pink diamond 2 gold PSN:KorvosRedGoobler

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2022.01.17 21:55 trappedinOH 4-day hotel package for sale

Hi all, I’ve got a 2 person hotel package available for sale. Includes 2 GA passes for all days, 4 night stay at the Embassy Suites, complementary breakfast, shuttle passes, and $50 merch credit. Paid over $2500. Will be willing to consider reasonable offers.
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2022.01.17 21:55 williamiwasnamedd W: fisherman &: anything except mother witch, royal ghost

Clan is called "fiending".
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2022.01.17 21:55 Idiotic_Abomination There is one genuinely good thing PETA does.

They are a good example of what animal rights activists should not be like
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2022.01.17 21:55 AutoNewspaperAdmin [JP] - Japan to halt ‘vaccine-and-testing package’ as omicron spreads | The Japan Times

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2022.01.17 21:55 BehindMy_HazelEyes Loving The Delicate Sparkle On This Palate Cleanser! 💕✨

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2022.01.17 21:55 EricTheBlonde The case for giving the next OPFOR fighter the NATO reporting name "Femboy"

It demoralizes OPFOR.
Imagine learning that your new state-of-the-art fighter is going to be called "femboy" by your adversaries. The shock. The disrespect. You'd desert on the spot.
More importantly, it boosts morale for pilots, because they get to say things like this.
"You remember those femboys we met at the BARCAP?" "Yeah. We both got lucky that night."
"There goes Maverick, off on his own again. Always chasing femboy tail."
"Those femboys have some sleek frames." "Yeah, I gotta admit, femboys are pretty sexy." "The curves are just... chef's kiss"
And now, a short story.
Imagine this. You've just turned your F-35 off after a successful mission. The whining of the engines cooling down is getting quiet. You take off your helmet, open the canopy, and feel a gentle breeze. Before you can even step back on solid ground again, the first thing that you hear are the words "You downed any femboys yet, sir?"
And the joy; the absolute ecstasy of your response.
"Yes. I just splashed my first femboy today."
You cannot help but smile. You are powerless to stop it.
Today is a good day.
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2022.01.17 21:55 EC-10 What are some Non-Blue, "Blue" commanders?

I've always really enjoyed the blue slice of the color pie, and recently realized every deck I've built, or on my list to build includes blue.
Any suggestions of commanders that get that play-feel while also not being blue?
Decks I have (mostly modded precons):
[[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]]
[[Inalla, Archmage Ritualist]]
[[Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder]]
Decks I want to make or am making:
[[Rielle]] or [[Veyran]]
[[Grand Arbiter Augustin IV]]
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